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Ahnan Tomarite Society (ATS)
The Ahnan Tomari-te Society was developed to preserve the link between Daoist China and Okinawa. Its founder is Mr. A.F. Walker, the grandmaster of the Pyong Hwa Do system. He was initially taught these dances by his teacher Master Kushubi, who amongst other things, was preserving ancient Tibetan dances, old Okinawan dances and very old Chinese dances.
The specific purpose of forming the Ahnan Tomari-te Society was to preserve the "lost" dances of Okinawa by passing them down to persons interested in keeping them alive and true to form. Anyone of good character may learn these forms at any of the seminars hosted by the ATS or by others interested in hosting a seminar. Included in the preservation of the dances and taught to those learning the forms, are the actual techniques, bunkai, kyusho and dim mak, or vital point striking, techniques (see below for more information on the curriculum of the ATS).
If you have any questions on this society or on any of the forms, history, etc., please join us and let us express ourselves.
Membership into the Ahnan Tomarite Society is open to all styles of martial arts practitioners, regardless of rank or affiliations. The primary goal of this society is to preserve and proliferate the Chinese origins of Okinawan Karate.
Ahnan Tomarite Society does not exist for the purpose of making money and, therefore, does not collect any membership dues. The only costs are an inital registration fee of $5, plus the costs of any seminars members choose to attend.
For more information about membership, or if you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact . You can submit an application one of two ways. You may request one by mail by contacting or you may fill out the application online.
Within the curriculum of the Ahnan Tomarite Society are 15 of the original forms which make up a large portion of Okinawan Karate kata. Grandmaster A.F. Walker will teach the Chinese forms and their Okinawan derivatives to members of the society. Some of the forms which will be taught to members of the society include:
Chinese Name Okinawan Name
Kuan Muan Rohai (Meikyo)
Huang Kuang Tsou Wanduan
Kuan Yin Yang Pao Wanshu
Other kata found within the society, include several of the "lost" forms. Several examples include:
"Lost" Forms
Chin Su
Chin Pe
Uenibu (Eunibu)
Grandmaster A.F. Walker will teach the forms, the applications (sometimes multiple applications per move), the point striking and the breathing techniques (if applicable).
Ranking within the society will not be via belt levels. Instead it will done the "old way". This means that ranking will be based upon the number of forms known by a practitioner. Ranking will be graded as follows:
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Disciple
  • Student
  • Advanced Student
  • Instructor
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